Renewable Energy Project Development

Alpha-Gamma Technologies provides project development services to renewable energy technology companies in the United States. In addition, we have strategic relationships with developers of renewable energy projects in several countries in Europe and Asia.

Alpha-Gamma professionals have a successful track record in developing renewable energy projects. Our team has secured power purchase agreements with some of the largest investor owned utilities in the U.S., and has expertise in identifying and securing project sites, obtaining environmental permits, and developing feedstock and off-take markets. Our team has expertise in power purchase contract negotiations, interconnection procedures, state renewable energy portfolio standards, federal and state renewable energy incentives, and environmental permitting requirements. Our team has unmatched experience in identifying renewable energy opportunities available through feed-in-tariffs, responding to power company requests for proposal, and securing power purchase agreements through unsolicited proposals. Alpha-Gamma professionals have also developed private-public partnerships for renewable energy projects. Internationally, our team has expertise in identifying project opportunities, performing project feasibility assessments, and project financing. We have performed several feasibility studies, funded by private and government organizations.